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High Flyers Club Apparel And Products
Please use the link at the end to download the order form.  Also, for specific sizing questions consult manufacturer's web site.  
All orders must be received by December 31.   Merchandise can be picked up at the Annual Banquet!
Banded (Avery) Handler's Jacket.  
Embroidered Left Chest  $60
Hane's  50/50 Hoodies
Screened Logo On Back
Black or Dark Green
$23 and up
Port Authority Women's
Camo/Black Jacket
Carhartt Men's Mock Neck
Sherpa Lined Vest
   $78 and up
Port Authority Men's
Camo/Black Jacket
Carhartt Women's Mock
Neck Sherpa Lined Vest
       $78 and up
Embroidered Fleece Camo
Beanie  $22
Embroidered Taupe
Goose Cap  $22
Ladies Embroidered Camo
Pony Tail Beanie  $22
Landmark Unstructured
Waxy Canvas Cap  $28
Embroidered Lab Camo
Cap   $32
Embroidered Golden
Retriever Cap  $23
Embroidered Solid
Color Lab Cap  $27
Engraved Faulk
Duck Call    $25
Engraved Hot/Cold
Beverage Tumbler